The animal Kingdom

We're top of the food chain, we send men into space,  we've split the atom. We humans are number one, numero uno, the tops. Or at least we think we are because there is one thing that the other animals on this floating ball in space have got that's better than what we've got (and no I probably don't mean what you're thinking!).

The fact is that where having a big mouth and making loud noises with it we homo sapiens aren't even in the running.

Our mouths aren't even all that impressive either. Compare a wide-open human cake-hole to that deep cavern on a crocodile that could swallow a 20-stone man whole, surrounded by long razor-sharp teeth that will snap him in half long before he's even noticed the croc's bad breath and it's perfectly obvious that in the molar section we are definitely the poorer relations to most of the animal kingdom.




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